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Welcome to Metrolina's Weight Loss Program.

Whether you are in the planning stages or have already begun your journey, Dr. Kedar and his staff will help you understand your body's needs and help you to achieve optimal success in your effort to lose weight and look great!
Menu Quiz

Menu Quiz

  1. Pick the one with the most calories from McDonald's

  2. Big Mac
    Chicken Select Breast strips 5 piece
    Premium grilled chicken sandwich
    Quarter Pounder with cheese

  3. Pick the one with the most calories from Starbucks

  4. Venti Cappucino with whole milk
    Venti Chai Latte Whole milk
    Venti Carmel Machiato
    Venti Hot Cocoa low fat

  5. Which would you pick from Chili's

  6. Chicken Ranch Sandwich
    Chili's Cheese steak Sandwich
    Smoked Turkey Sandwich
    Chipolte Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger

  7. Pick the lowest calorie meal

  8. Whopper with cheese, King fry, 32ounce soft drink
    Big Mac, large fry, 32 ounce soft drink
    KFC- Extra crispy chicken breast and thigh, mashed potatoes, biscuit, 30 ounce soft drink
    Wendy's single with cheese, large fry, 32 ounce soft drink

  9. Pick the lowest calorie item from O'Charley's

  10. White Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Teriyaki Sesame Chicken
    Classic Burger with Cheddar
    Classic Club Sandwich

  11. Which would you pick from Wendy's?

  12. Single with cheese
    Baja Salad w/ dressing
    10 Piece Chicken Nuggets with 2 sauce packs
    Large Natural Cut Fry

  13. Pick the highest calorie item from Ruby Tuesday's

  14. Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar Burger
    Chicken and Broccoli Pasta
    Classic Cheeseburger
    Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

  15. Which breakfast meal would you pick?

  16. Burger King- Biscuit with sausage, egg and cheese, large hash brown
    McDonald's- Sausage McMuffin with egg, Hash brown
    Chik-Fil-A- Biscuit with Sausage, egg and cheese, Hash brown
    Hardee's- Biscuit with Sausage and egg, Hash Brown

  17. Which one has the least calories?

  18. Whopper with cheese
    Big Mac
    Wendy's single with cheese
    Hardees Cheeseburger

  19. Which salad would you pick?

  20. Steak and Shake- Chicken Taco Salad with dressing
    O'Charley's- California Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing
    Ruby Tuesday- Grilled Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing
    Chili's- Chicken Caesar Salad

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