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Welcome to Metrolina's Weight Loss Program.

Whether youre in the planning stages or have already begun your journey, Dr. Kedar and his staff will help you understand your body's needs and help you to achieve optimal success in your effort to lose weight and look great!

After years of trying random diets and many unsuccessful attempts at trying to lost weight, I was desperate to try anything that would really work. This program is amazing. The weight fell off and I have been able to keep it off. I would recommend this to everyone who can’t lose those stubborn pounds.

I think this is a great program for losing weight. You do have to watch what you eat in small portions. The medical staff was a great help. Calorie count is important.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. After having a meeting with Dr. Kedar, he brought HcG information to the meeting. It was a success; I’ve lost weight, will not gain it back.

I was very pleased with the program. It was easy for me to do since all the foods I could eat were things I enjoy anyway. I was never hungry while on the program. I lost the weight I needed to lose. The program was well worth the cost.
-- Judith

At 61 years, I have tried many weight loss programs. With the HcG Weight Loss Program, guidebook, and the helpful people at Metrolina Medical Associates, I am headed for the goal I have set for myself. The program is simple and easy to follow. I do not get hungry nor have cravings during the day. At 4 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds. I am looking forward to wearing the summer clothes I have not worn in some time. This is worth your time and looking into for a safe and easy program.
-- Jackie

Without the weight loss program, I was headed in the wrong direction and creating unnecessary medical problems. I have changed my diet and eating habits which has been tremendous for my metabolism.
-- A. D.

We have been pleased with the Metrolina Medical Weight Loss Program. Over the last five months, we have lost a combined total of 80 pounds of weight through managed diet and medical supervision. Our lifestyles have improved and we are more focused on our health and fitness.

I tried every diet in the book. Nothing worked except the hCG diet. I loved it.
-- L.H.

My name is Charles and I have had a problem with facial skin for years and due to neglect, I really look my age. I have tried all the TV ads that promise a clear complexion in six weeks. All I got was a tight face and peeling/dryness. I went to seminars and my name was taken but no calls came back. About two or three months ago while at the doctor’s office, I was given a form to fill out asking if I would be interested in a skin evaluation. I said yes, but I figured I have been here before. Well, I got a call from who is now my angel, Laura, and let me tell you what a God-send. What has taken me years to rough-up, it has taken Laura only 1 month to give me a better outlook. I look forward to my morning and evening applications. You have to listen and follow her directions. There is no cutting corners. The thing I enjoy is people not being able to guess my real age. Thank you, Laura, for taking time out to help me, a friend for life.
-- C. B.

I love the program. I lost 53 pounds! It works great!
-- D.B.

The Weight Loss Program was the best decision I have made regarding changing my habits and truly losing weight. I received well-informed counseling, support, and encouragement. I was amazed at the weight I lost as well as the fat that “disappeared.” I had my critics, but after research, I felt this was my best option and it worked for me; and, it is still working. I feel better about myself and have had no side effects. I would recommend this weight loss program without hesitation. I appreciate Marsha – she is the best!

P.S. I hate needles, but had no problem with the daily shots (after Marsha instructed me how to use them).
-- D.W.
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